Recycled Revel Bikes wheels are a reality!

Author: Jason McCready  Date Posted:11 June 2020 

Recycled Revel Bikes wheels are a reality!

Revel Bikes has made recycling composite rims a reality with the release of a new tire lever.

Revel Bikes recycled tyre levers

It takes a lot of prototype rims to create a high quality wheelset like the RW30. Revel worked with their manufacturer, CSS Composites, saved every single prototype and every single bit of process scrap and have been busy experimenting with what they can turn all that excess material into. FusionFiber not only creates a stronger and lighter rim, it also uses none of the harmful epoxy found in traditional carbon fiber products. This allows Revel to recycle every rim and excess scrap material that comes from the manufacturing process. We take great pride in knowing that there is no reason for Revel rims to ever see a landfill.

Although it is a small tool, this tire lever is the first step in a very exciting journey of manufacturing more environmentally friendly bicycle components.

The old rims and process scraps are chopped up into pieces and them put through an industrial shredder. Those chopped pieces are then brought back up to temperature and compression molded into a tire lever.

Revel Tyre Levers on Revel wheels

We have the wheels inbound now - so you can be part of the solution! Available as both 29 and 27.5" rims, or as a wheel set with Industry 9 Hydra Hubs. And the perfect match for your Revel Rail or Revel Rascal!

Check the video for more information: