Service Agreement

All droppers or suspension must be removed from bikes prior to being sent in or dropped off. This allows us to maintain our fast turnaround times.

Please ensure your order details are printed and placed in the package you are sending to us. If you do not have a printer, please write the order details on the inside or outside of the package.

We recommend all items sent to ORBO are sent via tracked postage. ORBO is not responsible for any parcels until they have arrived and have been accepted at our workshop. 

We will not contact customers when an item is received unless it is suspected of being damaged during transit or parts are missing. 

Any items received that are assessed and determined to be non-serviceable or in a condition that is beyond repair may be returned at the customers expense or disposed of. ORBO may not be able to service some models of suspension or dropper if inadequate parts are available. To avoid any disappointment check the servicing product page or contact us.

ORBO offers a 3 month workmanship guarantee on standard service jobs. If you experience any issues with your suspension or dropper within 3 months of it being with us we will happily reassess and repair your suspension. Some models may not be eligible for this guarantee - we will clearly explain why if this is the case. Damaged / worn suspension or droppers are not eligible for this guarantee, nor are items worn/damaged through normal usage, or any items that have failed or been damaged due to misuse or improper care.

A minimum inspection fee of $35 applies for any service jobs/items received by ORBO which are disassembled/assessed even if they are found to be 'non-serviceable'. This does not include reassembly of the item and in some cases (depending on condition of the item) reassembly may not be possible.

Any service jobs/items received for warranty assessment without a physical copy of the original purchase receipt will be put aside until appropriate documentation is received, or will processed as a standard paid service/repair. A copy of the purchase receipt is required for ALL warranty assessment claims - there is no exception to this.

ORBO does not work with third parties for any service jobs. All communications for services at ORBO will be with the individual customer only.