Free Parable


Who is dom

Free Parable (designed by dom) was founded in 2007 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. All of their staff are passionate about

dom Design Philosophy - Smart, Low Tech

There are too many so-called “Stupid High Tech” designs in the world, where the design is so complicated, that you often lose sight of what you were trying to achieve.  Free Parable focuses on getting “back to basics” in every detail.  All of dom’s products follows a motto, “Smart, but Low Tech”.

A perfect example is the cleat system used to attach all the luggage accessories to your bike. The "cleats" replace either your standard water bottle mount bolts, or form part of an adaptor that attaches to your bike if there aren't any mounts available. Once installed you can install and remove cages and bags, or change their position on your bike in seconds.

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