Revel Bikes


At Revel Bikes, their goal is making the absolute best full suspension mountain bikes in the world. To do this, they are the only company using the mostly unheard of, yet legendary CBF suspension design. Revel use incredible carbon layup technology developed by Jason Schiers, the original founder of Enve. And Revel obsess over all the details because we love riding good bikes even more than making them.

At ORBO we take the time to ride and rate everything we sell. And after a few rides it was clear to us Revel was the brand we had to have on board. The finish, the geometry, the ride, the weight, the features all come together to make what we think is the best bike available. CBF pedals like it has 20mm less travel and descends like it has 20mm more!


They are life-long bike revelers - a mix of dirt-bag bikers, die-hard creators and business people. Since they're rider-owned and privately-funded, they can do what they want. Revel Bikes was launched to build the absolute best full-suspension mountain bikes EVER.

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