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Bikepacking bags

If you're planning on taking your gravel bike on multi-day trips, you might want to invest in some bike packing bags. These are bags that attach to your bike frame, handlebars, and saddle and allow you to carry all the gear you need for your adventure in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere around the World.



If you plan on doing any riding at night, it's important to have good lights on your bike. Look for lights that are bright, durable, and easy to attach and remove.

The Lelumia Lights are an ORBO staff favourite!



Tubeless tyre kit

Tubeless tyres are becoming more and more popular in the gravel biking world. With a tubeless tyre kit, you can convert your traditional tyres to tubeless, which can provide a smoother ride and reduce the risk of punctures.


Water bottles and cages

Staying hydrated is important on any bike ride, but it's especially important on long gravel rides and bike-packing adventures. Make sure you have plenty of water bottles and cages to keep you hydrated throughout your ride.


Gravel riding can be messy, especially if you're riding on wet or muddy roads. Fenders can help keep you and your bike clean by preventing water and dirt from splashing up onto you.


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