Batch Bikes are here!


Batch Bicycles—really nice, affordable bikes that remind you how great it is to ride a bike every now and then.

The kid's bikes will provide the first taste of freedom you get as a kid. Remember being free to roam the neighborhood or street, riding to your friend's house just down the road, or building jumps with a couple of bricks and a piece of wood on the street? The Batch bikes kids range is designed to provide all these experiences!

The Adult range caters to the parent looking for a bike to ride with the kids or for the commute to work or the shops. Nothing beats the family ride around the local waterfront, the local park, or the feeling you get when you get a chance to break free, feel the wind in your hair, and cruise down to the local shops or the long way home from work on a nice day.

All Batch bikes will come packed in a box but don't let that scare you. They come together with a minimum of effort to have you or your young ones up and riding in no time!

Ok, now we got all that out of the way I know your next question: What size do you need? We have made that easy for you with the handy size chart.

Designed to be simple and reliable, Batch bikes have something for the whole family. Check out the range here.




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