Genesis Vagabond

Every time we ride the Genesis Vagabond we get hit with questions!

What sort of riding is it suited to?

What is the go with the mtb tyres and drop bars?

Do you like it?

What is it made of?

Did it come like that?

It definitely attracts attention!

What we think about the Genesis Vagabond


If you're the kind of rider who dreams of exploring, and the thrill of the off-road, or just want a nice solid commuter the Genesis Vagabond might just be the ride you've been waiting for. A versatile gravel bike with a low-maintenance build and an adventurous soul, the Vagabond encourages you to leave the beaten path and explore the wild side of cycling. We've spent a bit of time with this bike and thought it was time to give you a run down on it.

The Vagabond boasts a rugged yet refined design. Its Reynolds 725 steel frame is built with durability in mind, making it capable of tackling rough terrains and handling whatever obstacles nature throws your way. The bike's geometry strikes a balance between stability and responsiveness, ensuring a confident ride both on and off-road. The 2.1in tyres are ideal for maintaining traction on loose gravel and dirt.

When it comes to performance, we were surprised at how well the Vagabond builds speed both on and off-road. It simply eats up the K's. The Sram Apex 1x drivetrain and 36t front chain ring offer a wide range of gears that we found handled everything we threw at it. The Reynolds 725 steel frame gives a comfortable and smooth ride as expected. The TRP mechanical disc brakes offer reliable stopping power, although we did find them a little lacking on more technical terrain.



Taking the Vagabond off-road is where this bike truly shines. Gravel paths, fire trails, and even mild singletracks are its natural habitat. The geometry instills confidence and gives you a comfortable and upright seating position that encourages you to keep on pedaling. This sort of riding is where this bike will put a smile on your face!

What makes the Vagabond stand out is its versatility. It transitions seamlessly from an off-road explorer to a dependable commuter. With the addition of racks or frame bags, it can easily handle your daily commute, a trip to the shops, or a weekend getaway with gear in tow. At the end of the day, we feel this is the perfect N+1 bike and every garage in Australia should have one!



  • Reynolds 725 steel frame for durability
  • Versatile performance on and off-road
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Flared drop bars give plenty of hand position options
  • Heaps of tyre clearance


  • Slightly heavier due to the steel frame
  • Cable discs lack power at times
  • Straight steerer tube limits upgrade options


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