Why Cycles in Australia and New Zealand

Author: Jason McCready  Date Posted:8 April 2021 

Why Cycles in Australia and New Zealand

It's no secret that we love Revel Bikes here at ORBO, but some of you may not know that Revel has a sister company called Why Cycles - making first class Titanium frames and bikes for off road riding - from gravel to MTB.

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Why have an amazing range of bikes including the el Jefe which they describe as a combination of their current frame line up with it being lighter than the backcountry-focussed Wayfairer but less swoopy than the S7 trail hardtail. As a result, the el Jefe should be suitable for bikepacking, technical singletrack, and even the start line of an XC race. Our favourite? The R+ (drool!), the perfect gravel machine.

We can order any frames or completes in as a special order so if you are interested please contact us. Thanks!

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