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Revel Bikes was created by a mix of dirt-bag bikers, die-hard creators, and entrepreneurs. Revel is rider-owned with a goal to make the best bikes the world has ever seen. It is this attitude and commitment that has made Revel one of the fastest-growing bike brands in the world! Check out the range and grab a deal before they are all gone!

Revel Complete Bikes

Revel Ranger V1 is on Sale Now!

Whether you’re lining up between the tape for a race or heading out for a long day in the bush, the Revel Ranger V1 with 115mm of travel and 29" wheels, it is sure to impress with its balance of speed, agility, and durability.

Overall, the Ranger is a highly capable, multi-dimensional bike that delivers extraordinary performance, efficiency, and versatility.

We have a range of build options in stock, on sale, and available now!


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Revel Rascal is on Sale Now!

If you can only have one bike to do it all this is the one! This fast, nimble bike has 29" wheels and 130mm of travel that will conquer anything in its path. The Canfield Balance Formula is the heart of every Revel bike, which maximizes the amount you pedal in the sweet spot.

The Rascal is a fast and capable mountain bike in a sleek package that you can ride every day, regardless of terrain.

Check out the AMB review HERE

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Revel Rascam Sale - Australia

Revel Rail Sale - Australia

Revel Rail 29

The Rail29 represents the best of what Revel has learned since launching the Revel brand. Everyone loves the Rail 27.5, but 29” wheels, bigger bearings, beefier hardware, and an absurdly well-tuned CBF™ suspension platform make this bike the ultimate Trail/Enduro weapon.

We like pedaling uphill almost as much as we like railing down the trail, and this bike’s climbing efficiency is truly impressive for a bike with 155mm of travel. The Rail29 will be right at home on the top of any enduro race track or just exploring the hills. This bike exudes confidence in any terrain and will have you smiling as you Rail corners and Revel the trail.

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Revel Rail 27.5 is on Sale Now!

The Revel Rail was created with two things in mind: maximum thrills and climbing hills. The CBF™ suspension will change your view of what a long travel bike should climb like all while keeping the suspension extremely active on descents and under brakes. With the 27.5 wheels or set up as a mullet bike and featuring 165mm of travel, we are confident you’ll come away impressed with what this bike can do

The Revel Rail set up in a mullet (29in Front, 27.5in Rear wheel) is a staff favorite for DH, Enduro and pretty much anything you throw at it! It's on sale now in the link below.

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Revel Rail Mullet Australia

Revel El Jefe Australia

Revel El Jefe is Available to Order!

Ready for damn near anything you put in front of it, the El Jefe is fast, light, and mighty capable of long missions in the bush or the morning commute on all types of terrain. Confidently grab the Jefe for bike packing, over technical singletrack and to the start line of your next XC race. The ultimate Titanium Hardtail.

The Jefe is available to order now with a range of build options and prices.

Delivery times may vary but are usually 3-4 from the time of order.

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Revel Bikes Rental Program Australia

We created this rental program for you. We know how important it is as riders to get your leg over your dream rig on your local trails anywhere you are in Australia. After all, you need to validate all that research you've done on just why Revel Bikes are the best!

This program is for riders who:

  • Are interested in getting a Revel Bike but want to make sure it rides as well as everyone says?
  • Are unsure about sizing because you are in between sizes, or have long legs and short arms, torso, etc?
  • Are you unsure if it's a Ranger or a Rascal you want for your local hump day night ride?
  • Got a special trip and want to ride something different from the old whip?
  • Just want to "try before you buy".

As an added incentive, if you purchase a Revel Bike (frame or complete) within 30 days of sending back your rental bike, we will rebate back your rental fee off your total purchase price!

Book Your Revel Rentals

Revel Bikes Rental Program Australia

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