A closer look at the Yep Components Joystick MTB Dropper lever

Author: Mark Mctamany  Date Posted:16 August 2021 

A closer look at the Yep Components Joystick MTB Dropper lever

We have already mentioned some of the reasons why we think Yep Components make the best mtb dropper on the market, and here is another look into some of those finer elements of the Joystick lever, as well as an installation video.

We now have purchase and rental options available, and ask us for a great bundle deal if you are purchasing a Revel.

The video below shows the installation of a Yep Uptimzer 3.0 with the Joystick lever, and you can see how easy it is to set up. Credit to Ryan Gilchrist (@ryangilchrist73) for the video and pictures.

We have been surprised by the number of levers sold, and by the amount of interest they generate. They are similar to some of the other levers available, albeit feel and look higher quality, in that they can be activated from any angle. We have found the main benefit from this is they require less focus when pushing hard through technical trail - or any riding that requires all of your attention - perfect for enduro and most trail riding. The lever has a light actuation, so it doesn't take much to hit it with your thumb and the seat goes down.

Yep Joystick lever

We have had a few questions about whether its harder to find, or if your finger slips on it - we haven't had this issue at all. The cable is clamped in the lever by a grub screw which makes it compatible with almost every cale activated dropper there is on the market. Any you can choose different colours to match your super bike!

Yep Uptimizer 3.0

You can also upgrade your seatpost collar with the colour to match that lever for the ultimate in colour coordination!

How confident are we about these droppers? We even offer rental for them! for a low price we ship it to you to test, and if you like it you keep it and pay the difference. If it doesn't live up to it, send it back to us. Full information here.

The feel, performance, customisation, ability to bleed and sustainability truly set the YEP apart, and the Joystick lever is part of the experience - check out the whole range of colours and sizes here, and have a look at reviews for more confirmation. Available exclusively in Australia through ORBO - you won't be disappointed!