Spank makes MTB saddles for mountain bikers. That's it. You will find many saddle brands on the market, offering over 50 different saddle fits and more. At SPANK, they decided to ease the selection process for those of you who just want a comfortable and durable saddle designed for mountain biking.

When developing the new line of SPANK Human Factor saddles, they had the primary goal to offer 4 variations, which may share certain aesthetics, but suit very different rider types and styles.

Spike 160 - low profile race fit

SPIKE 160 was designed to service riders who prefer a low profile and relatively flat and minimal, race inspired shape. However, this is by no means your normal unforgiving race saddle. Virtually all our sponsored pro racers begged us to finally make a race saddle that was also comfortable enough for long training days. The SPIKE 160’s design is firm and stiff enough to ensure efficiency isn’t tapped, while remaining supportive and padded enough to damp bone-jarring impacts, and a moderate recess acts to prevent discomfort and numbness. A sloping nose and anti-snag edges, facilitate safe, unimpeded freedom of movement in any direction. 

Oozy 220 - contoured support fit

OOZY 220 is arguably the most detailed of the 3 SPANK saddle profiles. Its complex contour is designed to offer very secure and supportive rider position, with a kickback in the rear to support the lower back, and aid riders to drive pedal strokes from the powerful buttocks muscles. When moving forward on the saddle during steep climbs, it’s easy to find a second secure position which cradles you near the nose of the saddle. This curvy shape can actually make you feel like a better climber, and lower back pain diminishes noticeably. From XC to Enduro, and Gravel to E-MTB, riders who like a secure riding position and a lot of support, have found the Holy Grail in the Oozy 220.

Oozy 280 - max. cushioning all mountain fit

OOZY 280 is the work horse of the trio. It features more ample padding throughout, and a deep, pronounced recess which relieves pressure on sensitive arteries and nerves during long days on the trail. The OOZY 280’s profile is relatively flat, however side sections have higher radii than other models. This maximizes rider maneuverability left to right, and front to back, facilitating fast position changes. It also allows a natural rotation of the hip bones when pedaling, and natural feeling for aggressive riders who shift their body weight from side to side while steering. Although the Oozy 280 has the highest level padding, it remains firm enough to blend all day comfort with performance ride characteristics. 

Spoon Sniff - Sam Reynolds Edition

The Sam Reynolds Edition SPOON Sniff saddle offers the ultimate in free ride comfort, with high durability kevlar sides and super grip top, the saddle is recommended as ideal for the bike park, freeride, and kids alike.

All of our saddles share core qualities:

  1. Reinforced Edges
    • Reinforced edges at the areas that suffer the most risk of impact, and then for your comfort, the rear where we wanted to offer you less flex and more support.
  2. Pressure Zone Contours
    • Pressure zone contours allow for extra padding in the sit-bone and pelvic bone areas.
  3. Flex Points & Adaptive Edges
    • Saddle base contours have been designed to provide specific flex points & adaptive edges in the areas of the saddle where we want you to benefit from an adaptive feel, rather than an unforgiving hard edge.
  4. Rear Tyre Clearance
    • Rear tyre clearance is maximized without the need for large cutouts or a swallow tail. Rails have unique bends and mounting locations and are constructed of tough, hollow chromoly, balancing ultimate strength and light weight. 
  5. Low Friction Skin
    • Low friction skin contributes to the overall comfort and pedaling efficiency, while anti-slip textures in the sit bone areas ensure security and confidence in all types of weather. SPIKE 160 and OOZY 280 saddles also feature abrasion resistant material over impact zones to reduce damage from crashes. 
  6. Relief Channels
    • SPIKE and OOZY saddles feature anatomic recesses in the rider’s perineum area, which relieve pressure on sensitive arteries and nerves, reducing numbness and discomfort during long days on the trail. 
  Spike 160 Oozy 220 Oozy 280 Spoon Sniff
Size (mm) 144 x 265 144 x 265 144 x 265 135 x 245
Weight Approx. (g) 250 270 280 305
Upper Material 3D co-molded foam and durable synthetic skin 3D co-molded foam and durable synthetic skin 3D co-molded foam and durable synthetic skin Kevlar and Super Grip Vinyl, saddle-stitched upper
Shell Material Fiber-reinforced polymer Fiber-reinforced polymer Fiber-reinforced polymer Polypropylene
Rails Material Hollow Chromoly Hollow Chromoly Hollow Chromoly Hollow Chromoly
Features Anatomic race-inspired low profile, tuned flex points and contact edges, reinforced impact zones Anatomic support inspired low profile, tuned flex points and contact edges, reinforced impact zones Anatomic comfort profile, tuned flex points, and contact edges, reinforced impact zones Anatomic race-inspired low profile, tuned flex points and contact edges, reinforced impact zones



Brand Spank

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