EXAFORM Stock is in store!

Author: ORBO  Date Posted:11 May 2022 

EXAFORM Stock is in store!

We have just received a huge shipment of EXAFORM into our warehouse, and you can now see them in the ORBO store – check out the full range here.


EXAForm is one of those trade secrets. Produced by a powerhouse brand using their tried and true design. We’ve been working with these guys for over 10years. Such a reliable design and true bang for buck. Dig into the detail or feel free to email sales@offroadbikesonline.com.au and our service team are always happy to nerd it up.

Dropper posts have changed mountain biking, and thanks to EXAFORM the barrier to put one on your bike is lower than ever – we think they are the best value dropper post in Australia for mountain bike and gravel biking. Check out the specs and the pricing and we are sure you will agree - the entry level dropper are under $130! Looking for something premium? Then check out the YEP Components Uptimizer posts.

Made in Taiwan, there is something for everyone in the range – from the Speedup Hydro to the Drive Si.

Keep your post running nicely with our maintenance tips here. We also offer full servicing and warranty capability, so you can be comfortable that we will keep that post working for as long as possible! You can contact us to arrange this, and we will have the option of doing it on the store directly soon. 

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